Humpback whales - Vava'u - Kingdom of Tonga

Humpback whales - Vava'u - Kingdom of Tonga

31 Aug 00:00 - 08 Sep 00:00 - Neiafu
Vava'u , Tonga


2018 Dates have now been released but you don't have long to decide if you want to join us! Due to the short season and the incredible popularity of Tonga flights will be ticketed 11 months out from the trip! There are ONLY SEVEN SPOTS with no option to get more so make sure you don't miss out! Our 2018 trip includes 3 days of whale action and 2 days of diving!

Tonga is one of the only places in the world where you can snorkel with whales up close. Every year from July to November the whales complete their migration from the cold feeding waters south of New Zealand and Australia, to the warmer tropical waters of Tonga where they give birth to calves and perform courtship readying themselves for the next season. This adventure will allow you to experince a once in a lifetime whale watch tour and witness these enormous and majextic creatures in their natural environment.

All tours will be accompanied by experinced local skippers and qualified whale watch guides. Did you know that a Humpback Whale averages 15 metres in length and can weighup to 45 tonnes. The females give birth to a single calf, usually every third year. Tonga is an ideal nursery, as it provides sheltered areaswith shallow warm water. Here the carves suckle the fat-rich milk, which helps them to quickly grow and lay down a layer of blubber in preparation for the journey south to the chilly Antarctic waters.

Swim With Humpback Whales in Tonga 2019

13 Aug 21:00 - 25 Aug 00:00 13 Aug 21:00 - 25 Aug 00:00 - Neiafu Neiafu
Vava'u , Tonga Vava'u , Tonga
Join us on a once in a lifetime experience freediving with Humpback whales in Tonga. This 11 day trip includes a combination of freediver training and swimming with whales. We...   More info

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