Whaledreaming:ATTUNE 2017

Whaledreaming:ATTUNE 2017

12 Sep 14:00 - 19 Sep 07:00 - Neiafu
Mandala Resort, Tonga


Surrender to a divinely inspired guided program of sound healing letting sublime frequencies bathe every pore in your body. Still your mind, let your body relax and feel the vibration cleanse and heal your soul.

You'll experience a blend of breathwork, toning, sounding and movement throughout the retreat to support your healing and assist you in manifesting your heart's desire. You'll learn to free your voice to clear any obstacles in your path. You'll also experience a mix of yoga, meditation, time spent swimming with magnificent humpback whales, connecting to their whalesong, and in reflection, to help you reconnect to your natural rhythms and restore inner peace.

Let the medicine of the channelled voice, crystal and Tibetan bowls, didgeridoo and drum bring any pain and darkness to the surface for processing.

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of ancient sound and expression that binds us.

whaledreaming:ATTUNE is a sacred space for you to receive universal healing and give back to yourself. To radiate love, peace and goodness to everyone near you, in your thoughts and around the globe.

Your facilitators have planned it all for you. You simply need to 'be'.

Together, they offer a unique blend of healing and wisdom, creating a powerful and sacred space for you to slow down and re-awaken on magical Fetoko Island. The 7-night program has just the right balance of group activity and time on your own for rest, adventures and processing.

whaledreaming:ATTUNE is a mixed retreat, open to both men and women, and is limited to 12 guests.

Listen to your heart's calling...

Expressions of interest are open now.

PLEASE NOTE: these are not confirmed dates, merely placeholders to gauge interest.

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